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Show me your auditorium

One of the primary goals of my live stream setups for churches is to occasionally show as much of the auditorium as possible. I make this happen with a second, wide-angle camera usually centered on the back wall above the primary camera. Why? Below are three key reasons. Worship is more than a song leader… Read More »

Move your mixer

One of the biggest problems in many churches I visit is audio. People can’t hear what is being said. And while some fixes do require money, many solutions simply involve a “change in latitude.”

Quality over quantity

March 7, 2018 Tell your story in such a way that it rises above the noise, creating a memorable moment for the consumer.

Closed captioning options for live streaming

February 28, 2018 Twice in the past two weeks I’ve been asked about closed captioning options for churches who live stream their worship services. The short answer is that options are available, but costs or the risk of inappropriate automated transcripts may be prevent you from implementing any of these solutions.

Live streaming and projection upgrades at Hamilton Church of Christ

February 25, 2018 What a fantastic day! We launched live streaming and projection upgrades at Hamilton Church of Christ this morning… hundreds of people reached who otherwise would not have been able to worship or learn about the Lord’s church. Thank you to the elders, deacons, ministers, and the members of this fine congregation who… Read More »

Live streaming and projection upgrades at Alex City Church of Christ

September 10, 2017 What a wonderful day! After more than two months of planning and installation, I wrapped up work today on a new audio-visual system for Alexander City Church of Christ. New screens, projectors, PTZOptics and Marshall Electronics cameras, custom production and streaming computers running vMix and ProPresenter, and an X-Keys controller from P.I.… Read More »