What is your ONE thing?

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cd-multitaskIf you were told at work today that you could only do ONE job… ONE thing… what would you want to do?

I ask that because I imagine you wear lots of hats, just like me. Small business owners and entrepreneurs have to run the business, manage HR, and grow the company. Whew!

Unfortunately, the failure to delegate is the reason many businesses fail. One person tries to do too much. Everyone else’s productivity slows down because the boss has a tight control over everything.

Does that describe you? If so, I bet you stay stressed out all the time.

Here’s a better idea: pick ONE thing you WANT to do… ONE thing you’re passionate about… ONE thing you’re an expert at… and then delegate the rest.

Yes, you may know how to answer telephones and customer emails… but if you let someone else do that, you can now spend more time preparing your business for the next big thing.


Youversation is my ONE thing

Last fall I sat down and listed things I was passionate to do and things I consider myself blessed to have above average expertise at. I had plenty of things on the expertise list but few things on the passion list. What things were on both lists?

  • Weather
  • Interviewing people
  • Live broadcasting
  • Speaking

From those four things, I looked to see which one could help you the most, and I realized that my passion and ability to interview people can help you. Interviewing people is simply the ability to communicate, which solves so many business problems. If you can communicate effectively with your customers and employees, you can:

  • Hear their needs
  • Engage them socially
  • Solve their problems
  • Turn them into fans

Bottom line: communication is the key to success.


How Youversation can help you

Do you have a social media plan that doesn’t work? Do you struggle to generate leads? Do you get stressed at the thought of delegating work to employees?

Say goodbye to stress. Learn conversation techniques that will make you more productive and generate more customers.

Say Hello to Youversation.


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