What a successful business and a football team have in common

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cd-football-helmetI was listening to a podcast yesterday that turned into a HUGE Ah-Ha! moment for me. It was an interview John Lee Dumas did with Omar Zenhom, co-founder of the $100 MBA and Webinar Ninja.

During the interview, Omar compared the importance of setting goals to the way successful football teams score touchdowns: you don’t try to score the touchdown on the first play, but rather you try to make a first down… and then another first down… until you finally score a touchdown.

Wow. Huge.

So often we wake up every day with big, lofty goals, but no small, specific goals that help us achieve our big goals.

We want to “lose weight” but we don’t set a goal of losing one pound a day for 30 days.
We want to “make more money” but we don’t set a goal of contacting 10 people each day in hopes that one will become a new client.

Becoming a successful business requires you to make first downs, which eventually lead to touchdowns. Sure, we may lose yardage (fail) every now and then, but we get right back up and try again.

This is EXACTLY the kind of thing I help people with inside Youversation every week. My goal is to help you grow your business by giving you the inspiration and knowledge you need to set smart goals for your business. I’m not going to tell you to go score a touchdown… I’m going to tell you to go make a first down and share with you some ideas on how to do it.

We do that EVERY WEEK inside Youversation… and the resources are growing. If you sign up today, you immediately get access to every previous recording… the entire library of specific action steps to get you moving in the right direction.

Come join us. Let’s go make first downs together.

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