The Power of Habit

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cd-daily-list-plannerDid you wake up this morning dreading the day ahead? I’ve had days like that, too, and because I’m human, I’m sure I will have more days like that in the future.

I’ve learned, though, that our daily habits define our ability and desire to succeed. For example:

  • A daily habit of walking can improve your health
  • A daily habit of reading your Bible can reduce stress in your life
  • A daily habit of writing out tomorrow’s to-do list before you end the day can make the next day much more productive
  • A daily habit of trying to help someone can bless you
  • A daily habit of talking to your spouse (without distractions) can improve your marriage
  • A daily habit of closing your email and notifications can help you focus on projects

Notice the common factor in the list above: each action caused a reaction because of habit, a deliberate attempt to do a specific thing each day.

Positive habits are a common theme inside the Youversation community and one of the questions I ask all of my guests on my new Youversation podcast. I want to know what successful people do each day to make them successful and I want to help people in the community achieve their goals.

Your day will always be “full” of something to do, but you can choose how to fill it up. You can either schedule the day doing things that will make you more productive and profitable, or you can let other people fill it up with things important to them that may distract you.

It’s your choice.

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