Live streaming and projection upgrades at Alex City Church of Christ

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September 10, 2017

What a wonderful day! After more than two months of planning and installation, I wrapped up work today on a new audio-visual system for Alexander City Church of Christ. New screens, projectors, PTZOptics and Marshall Electronics cameras, custom production and streaming computers running vMix and ProPresenter, and an X-Keys controller from P.I. Engineering – The No Slogan Company.

This is my ministry. I love using technology to enhance our worship of God. I love using the internet to share our love for God with people who don’t know how to worship God the way the Bible says. Days like today warm my heart and give me lots of reasons to thank God for the talents he has blessed me with.

My thanks to Brendan Chance and the elders at Alexander City Church of Christ for the opportunity to serve them in this project. If you are looking for a church home in the area, check out this congregation – they love God and want to help you get to Heaven.

For those of you who are interested in the equipment and software I installed here at Alex City, here is an overview:

  • 1) PTZOptics 20X-SDI-G2 camera, wall mounted in the rear auditorium, controlled with a X-Keys 60 Joystick USB console
  • 2) Marshall CV-502 cameras for static camera shots
  • A custom-built live streaming computer powered by vMix
  • Two new short-throw projectors and screens
  • A custom-built computer running ProPresenter 6 to offer greater control of video, pictures, and PowerPoint slides displayed on the projectors

The neatest part of the project? The ability to display all of the cameras and the projection computer on the projector screens with the touch of one button. Thanks to the custom programable X-Keys console, the same device that controls the PTZ camera also controls what video source feeds the projectors. We simply programmed buttons on the X-Keys console to select which sources would be available.

If you are interested in live streaming worship services at your church or upgrading the software you use to project slides and videos, contact me or visit for more information.