How do you define success?

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cd-business-planOne of the biggest reasons people fail is because they never define success.

For example, if I say I want to lose weight, there’s a good chance I will never do it. Why? Because I did not define success… I did not define how much weight I needed to lose and how fast I needed to lose it.

I might say I want to make a million dollars. Great. I’ll never do it unless that goal has a time-frame and a list of actions attached to it, like this:

I want my company to make $20,000 in gross monthly revenue by December. To do that, I must add 50 new subscribers to every month between now and then. To do that, I need to reach out to 500 potential customers every month.

See the difference?

One of the greatest way to get focused on your goals is to make a plan. If you are thinking about starting a business or have recently started a business but don’t have a plan, I encourage you to go to and download their simple, one-page business plan (no email address required.) Answering the questions will give you HUGE focus on what you need to do to grow your business.

If you are having trouble accessing the plan from their website, you can also get it here.

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