Find Your Niche

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cd-nicheI had a great discussion recently with my good friends Dave and Scott about the importance of finding your niche. Dave and Scott are great at what they do, but their lack of focus on a niche topic within their industry is, in my opinion, holding them back from growing their business.

I think we all have that problem sometimes. I know I do. Instead of gaining confidence in my own abilities, I see someone else being “successful” and tell myself, ‘I can do that, too!’

The problem? Passion, or lack thereof.


Where is Your Passion?

Do this today: make two lists… one is a list of things you consider yourself to be an expert at, and the other is a list of everything you enjoy.

What is on both lists?

My expert list was long, which was great when I worked in a corporate job because that was my job security. However, as an entrepreneur, trying to be Superman and do everything is a recipe for disaster because there is simply not enough hours in the day to do it all by yourself.

The real recipe for success is to do just ONE thing that you are both an expert at and passionate about. When you can find that job, and people will pay you to do it, then you’ve found success… you’ve found your niche.

What is your niche? Mine is live streaming. I’m good at it. People hire me to live stream events for them. It’s why I created I now teach people how to live stream and show them what equipment to buy.

How about you? Do yourself a favor: figure it out and tell the world. The world will be happy to know exactly who you are and what can do to help them.


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