Do you sell vitamins or painkillers?

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cd-vitamins-pillsDo you sell “vitamins” or “painkillers” to your customers? I ask because, as an entrepreneur, the answer to this figurative question will help you understand your path to success.

Think of your own buying habits: do you buy vitamins? You may, but many people don’t. They simply take nothing until they get sick or in pain, then they buy something to “fix” it.

People do the same with your products or services… they won’t buy it UNLESS you convince them of one of two things:

1) they WILL get “sick” without it
2) they are already “sick” and need it to get fixed

If you can convince someone they are sick and need your product or service to get well, then your business is winning. You’ve answered the magic question:

What problem am I solving?

Convincing someone they will make money with your product or service is one thing, but convincing them they will LOSE money without your product or service is another.


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