Become Your Own Media Outlet

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I ran across a great blog post last night that reminded me so much of what we are doing here at Cross Digital:

Why Sports Media May End Up Firing the Media

Ben Goss talks in the post about how the internet has allowed businesses, including sports companies, the ability and opportunity to bypass traditional media outlets and distribute news about themselves directly to fans and customers.

“I believe sport properties can outdo even the current ultra-lucrative media rights deals by selling their live game broadcast ad inventory directly to advertisers (probably at a cheaper rate for the advertisers) and reaping more profits by cutting out the networks as middle men.”

Think about that. One day you may go to to watch all of your NFL action, and the NFL will get its money directly from advertisers, leaving companies like CBS, FOX, NBC, and ESPN out in the cold.

Boom. Game changer.

Cross Digital was founded for that very reason. I saw the writing on the wall more than three years ago as I watched advertisers moving their money out of television and into digital platforms. Our work with Game Day Bunker and the Husky Fast Network has attracted tens of thousands of eyeballs each month this fall. Our advertisers have all told us they’ve received lots of positive attention and feedback, and it all happened online – none of it was delivered via traditional media outlets.

You Can Do This, Too

Becoming a digital authority on your products or services is not hard, but it does require dedication on your part. You need to:

1) Decide who you want to target
2) Decide what you want them to do

You can then figure out where your target audience can engage you and deliver content to them.

Sound difficult? Maybe. I guess all good things can be, but with the right guidance and planning, you can make it happen.

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