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I’ve read lots of articles in recent weeks about ad blockers.  People love them, but businesses hate them.

What has businesses even more concerned is that native advertising, the so-called “answer to overcoming the evil ills of traditional digital advertising,” may also get blocked. Mike Shields at The Wall Street Journal does a good job of explaining how legitimate native ads could get blocked.

What bothers me is that businesses get so worked up over ad blockers when they should be focused on authenticity.

Unique Content = Digital Authority

Cross Digital was founded on the premise of using the internet to establish yourself as a digital authority.  It’s why newspapers and TV stations were so successful for so many years. Reporters raced to be the first to report breaking news and, more importantly, share news with you that you want to read or watch. Doing so established them as the news authorities in your life.

When you post unique content to YOUR blog, you are planting your flag. You are telling the world what you know and why it’s important to them.

Unique content matters.

And, when you make a habit of sharing unique content on a regular basis, the internet notices. Search engines begin to rank you higher as an authority on your products or services.  People begin to sign up for your weekly emails and follow you on social media. You EARN fans and, eventually, customers.

Don’t worry about ad blockers. Instead, focus on creating unique content that educates, informs, and/or entertains your target audience. Do something for them that encourages them to make good decisions. In turn, they will reward you with loyalty and, eventually, business.

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