And But Therefore

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blog-storyI love a good story, and so do most people. If the story can evoke an emotional response, thumbs up.

I heard a podcast a few days ago that outlined this art of storytelling and how it relates to business. The discussion impressed me enough to share it with you.

Park Howell was the guest – he’s a brand story strategist who helps businesses grow through the power of stories. During the interview with Michael Stelzner, Park explained how he came across a story framework called “And, But, Therefore” which he got from the creators of South Park.

When they find a script falling flat, they do the Rule of Replacement. The take out the “ands” and replace them with “buts” and “therefores.”

As Park demonstrates, people will live vicariously through your stories and they will learn a lesson from it. He says it boils down to three simple strategies:

  • Find the hurt (AND)
  • Amplify the pain (BUT)
  • Heal the Wound (THERFORE)

To succeed in your business, start by finding the hurt in your customers. Find out what’s keeping them awake at night.

Then, amplify their pain. Explain how failing to solve their problem will only make their situation worse.

Finally, heal their wounds. Solve their problem.

That’s how you win. That’s how you grow customers.

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