Monthly Archives: March 2016

Do you sell vitamins or painkillers?

Do you sell “vitamins” or “painkillers” to your customers? I ask because, as an entrepreneur, the answer to this figurative question will help you understand your path to success. Think of your own buying habits: do you buy vitamins? You may, but many people don’t. They simply take nothing until they get sick or in… Read More »

Find Your Niche

I had a great discussion recently with my good friends Dave and Scott about the importance of finding your niche. Dave and Scott are great at what they do, but their lack of focus on a niche topic within their industry is, in my opinion, holding them back from growing their business. I think we… Read More »

Turning your ‘mess’ into a message

One of the most powerful conversations I’ve ever had with someone happened last week when I had the opportunity to interview Jessica Rasdall for my Youversation podcast. If you didn’t hear it yet, here’s the 7-second summary: Jessica’s decision to drink and drive killed her best friend. She went to prison for four years. She… Read More »

2 Common Live Streaming Legal Mistakes

As a veteran TV and radio broadcaster, I spent many hours in training sessions and on conference calls with corporate attorneys learning the “dos and don’ts” in regards to broadcasting. There are simply things you cannot do or say unless you want a lawsuit. The same goes for live streaming. Just because you don’t deliver… Read More »

Seven decisions that determine your personal success…

I am in the middle of reading The Traveler’s Gift by Andy Andrews. Have you read it? This fiction novel profiles a man whose divine adventure takes him – and me, on an incredible journey. He “visits” seven historical figures, such as Abraham Lincoln and King Soloman, and with each visit sees a decision the… Read More »

Free Tutorial: Wirecast Play for YouTube

Below is a 20-minute tutorial on the basic setup options for Wirecast Play for YouTube, a software program that will allow you to live stream your video on YouTube.

We are not designed to be alone…

Do you find yourself lonely, even when sitting in a room full of people? You’re not alone. One of the biggest challenges facing entrepreneurs and small business owners is loneliness. Despite the rosy pictures of success, the real story of growing a small business is littered with speed bumps, doubts, and hours of isolation. It’s… Read More »