Monthly Archives: January 2016

Doing the Right Thing

I got an email this week that made me think of you. It was from Eric Smidt, Founder and President of Harbor Freight Tools. Eric wrote to tell me about plans to close his stores an hour earlier starting next week. The title of the email was “Doing the Right Thing” and inside was a… Read More »

What do you sell?

One of the greatest challenges facing many entrepreneurs and small business owners is focus. Many new businesses fail because the owners fail to marry their grand ideas with actual action plans. My business coach challenged me to write down my current business plan. I did that nearly three years ago when I started Cross Digital,… Read More »

What are you struggling with?

What are you struggling with? Business? Family? Money? My friend Karen recently told me she’s struggling with new ways to bring in more customers. Joe told me his social media plan isn’t working. My struggles? Learning how to do sales when all I’ve done my life is produce content and let someone else do the… Read More »

What is your ONE thing?

If you were told at work today that you could only do ONE job… ONE thing… what would you want to do? I ask that because I imagine you wear lots of hats, just like me. Small business owners and entrepreneurs have to run the business, manage HR, and grow the company. Whew! Unfortunately, the… Read More »